#tbt The shock when past hyperbole becomes reality…

I know it’s Wednesday but I wanna #tbt to an image I made about a month ago, which was, well, supposed to be hyperbolic… I guess this is how the creators of Idiocracy feel.

See the original #freshgrad post here, a response to this.

Despite my Millennial status I can’t even begin to turn this post into something #funny or #relatable or #ironic, because stuff like this is chilling.

On the bright (orange) side, the more idiotic and repugnant this All-American Cheetoh makes himself look, the less “centrists” or anyone scared of having too strong an opinion will be able to support him. (I hope?)

Well now my polarised home country is possibly in the beginnings of a Civil War – not to mention a standoff with North Korea – so I guess the Trump presidency so far is everything us liberal creative types feared.


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