Another day, another interview as a #freshgrad

~Day 29 of being a fresh grad~

Today I had an interview for a reputable fashion editorial dept., which was (of course) granted because I am lucky enough to know a friend of a friend. #privilegepoints

I knew going into it that it would be an unpaid position, but despite my £50k of student loan debt was considering the option of volunteering my time in exchange for meeting new contacts (yes, grad life really IS that bleak, even with a First Class Honours degree from Central Saint Martins…) Well, they made sure to shift the tone of the conversation quickly, making it clear that (a) this was nothing of the sort, not volunteer or work experience (b) they were doing ME a favour by gracing me with their presence and (c) they were serious (read: pretentious) Fashion Journalists. This “prestigious” internship is meant to be full time (with “oh-so gracious” exceptions for those that need to work another job to, well, pay the rent, offers me (a graduate) no school credit and is unpaid other than Zone 1 travel expenses for a minimum of three months.

The best part is you know the director (a famous photog) ain’t slummin’ it while his platoon of unpaid interns keep his side business afloat!


Giving you what you don’t know you want yet!

Hello everyone, to all my fervently admiring fans out there, I am back at last!

After some miserable decades rolling in my grave at the thought of white, white, white MINIMALISM overtaking the fashion world…. of foolish SUPERFICIALITY Trumping* hard-hitting stories… and of STERILE, politically correct pragmatism overriding any semblance of HOPE or DREAMS in our lives… I’ve finally returned to once again dominate as THE Fashion Editor.

Now with THE Fashion Magazine of the moment, Yanker, of course. Stay tuned for some sorely-needed glamour, fantasy and triumphant satire. I’m a reporter, for Christ’s sake – I know news when I see it. And I am most definitely not here to please the bourgeoisie of Internet Land. This is fashion we’re talking about: please get with it! And never forget to ask yourself—


*Yes, this is a reference to Donald Trump.